Measurements / Sizing

IMPORTANT: It's important that you get the sizing correct on these custom print orders. Because they are custom print, they cannot be returned for wrong sizing. 

IMPORTANT: Use your true measurements rather than the size you might ordinarily wear. I usually wear a size 6 but my measurements against this chart aligns with a size of Medium and that is what I order.

IMPORTANT: If you use your exact measurements, you will have a slightly compressed fit. If you prefer your clothing to be a little looser, please size up. 

Below is the sizing chart for Women's Leggings / Capris /Skirts / Dresses. This same chart also applies for all Women's Tank Tops and Shorts.

Below is the sizing chart for Kimono Style Robes. 

Below is the sizing guidelines for Wrap Skirts for which there is only 1 size. Depending on your waist size, the skirt will wrap around more or less.

Below is the sizing guidelines for Scoop Bralettes ranging in size from XS to XXL.